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Rise Digital is a Seattle, Washington-Based Digital Agency Specializing in SEO, PPC, SMM, and Content Marketing.

After results, we consider our client relationships to be 100% about trust and communication.  The actual digital marketing is the easy part, but making sure everyone is on the same page is equally important. We are experts in our field just like you and the trust you give us allows us to perform at our best.  Our communication and transparency allows you to have confidence and to feel secure and well taken care of, so you can focus on what you do best.

We consider ourselves to be a part of your business and advocates for your services, products, and brand online.  The bottom line is your success and we work tirelessly to provide maximum online exposure.

Think of us as your remote employees, dedicated to promoting, optimization, and managing your business online.

We will help you:

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Hi, I’m Aaron Haynes, digital analyst and CEO of Rise Digital. I thoroughly enjoy working directly with all of our clients – no matter how small or large their business.    With a background in business and management, I have a strong focus on ROI and client relationships.

I’ve been in Digital Marketing since 2009, honing and perfecting a comprehensive and holistic approach to gain maximum exposure for our clients.  I love reading and learning new things from our ever-changing field and stay up to date on all of the latest changes and techniques.

My approach is to customize the perfect campaign for your specific business – combining as many or as few services as needed, your goals and budget, and crystal clear communication.

When I am not working directly with Rise Digital Clients, I also consult for national digital agencies – working with Fortune 500 companies and their multi-million page websites (yikes!).  Whether I am sitting with a plumber client at a coffee shop, a lawyer client in their office, or on a conference call with ten executives doing a technical audit review, I will always be the same person, give the same effort, and relate to others as real people – not someone to sell to.

Want to reach out and connect directly?  Email me here or find me on LinkedIn.

A personal Note:

While I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I no longer consider myself a “Seattleite”.  My wife Nicole and I currently live in Seattle with our son, but we lived in Hawaii for 8 years prior to moving back.  My time in Hawaii was concurrent with the rise of the Seattle tech industry (or at least the explosion of it) and when we moved back, things felt different.  While the tech industry is very good for business and contains all of my peers, the old days of Seattle being an original, blue-collar town are sorely missed.  It’s this feeling that I try to capture when I work with all of my clients – a down to earth and sincere relationship with no BS.